February 21, 2017 at 7:58AM


How NOT to Shoot a $50,000 Short Film – Lessons Learned

So as filmmakers we all want to make the best films we can. Sometimes filmmakers think that a bigger budget is the answer, that bigger is better. This is what I thought when I went down the road and create my short film Red Princess Blues. After going down this road once before with my first short film BROKEN, I thought bigger had to be better. If $8000 was good (budget of BROKEN) then with $50,000 I could blow everyone away.

BROKEN opened a ton of doors for me as a filmmaker. I was contacted by studios, executives, producers, agent, you name it. BROKEN was an ambitious short film, to say the least. You can listen to that story here: How I Made Over $90,000 Selling My Short Film.

In this episode, I discuss the mistakes I made when I made a $50,000+ short film. Mistakes with

Crew Choices
Size of Crew and Cast
Production Design
Distribution Plan
ROI (Return on Investment)
Who is the end user (audience I’m trying to reach)
I do hope to get the opportunity to make the feature film version of Red Princess Blues some day soon, I’m just not sure spending $50,000 for a proof of concept short film was the way to get that train moving.

Watch the rest here: https://indiefilmhustle.com/how-not-to-shoot-short-film/

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