September 21, 2016 at 9:39AM


How to Record Audio for Your Indie Film on the CHEAP!

I was lost when it came time to record audio for my film. So since my podcast on How to Build a Pimp’d Out BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rig on the CHEAP! was such a hit with the tribe I decide to put a list of the gear I used to record audio on my feature film.

I go into great detail on each piece of gear, how I used it and what worked and didn’t work. The biggest tip I can give you is no matter how inexpensive the mic you have the key is to get that mic as close to the subject as humanly possible.

The audio I recorded on my feature filmcame out surprisingly great! Since I’ve never had the chance to record audio for any of my other films this was a first. What saved my ass was taking an online course the explained everything I needed to know about the art of how to record audio on set and location.

Take a look at the list of gear here:

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