September 7, 2016 at 5:52AM

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How to Sell Your Indie Film at Every Stage

You’re going to have to sell your project at every stage. What? Sell?!?! Yes, sell. At least if you want your project to be the most successful it can be. After all, this is a business. Here’s the good news, selling isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Let me back up and explain what I mean by “selling at every stage.” I mean, that in order to get the right producer or director on the project, you’re going to have to sell the script. In order to get the right DP you’re going to have to sell the vision. In order to get the right cast and executive producers, you’re going to have to sell your plan for the film.

You get my point. Now that you understand what I mean by selling, let’s talk about how you do it.

The key to doing this successfully is perspective. Or, the ability to look at what you’re selling from the point of view of the person you are trying to get involved in your project. This involves two things;

You must know what the purpose of your project is.
You must know as much about the other person’s career and what they’re about as possible.
This concept applies to companies as well as individuals. For example, if you have a really great character piece about two people sitting in a diner having a really intense conversation about life, unless that diner blows up at some point, you wouldn’t pitch it to Universal or Warner Bros. You would pitch it to a smaller, independent production company who has a track record with character pieces.

Let’s break this down with some different perspectives and examples.

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