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How to Shoot & Sell Six Feature Films in a Year!

If you want to be an indie filmmaker you should definitely study the work of the prolific film director Joe Swanberg. Who is Joe Swanberg you ask? I just recently not only discovered his work but also started to study his unique filmmaking process.

I heard that Joe Swanberg has made over 20 feature films in the past 10 years, six of which were made in 2011 alone (Yes — that’s six feature films in one year.) So, to say the man likes to work is an understatement. He’s the definition of INDIE FILM HUSTLE!

Why would a filmmaker ever want to produce such a high volume of work in such a short amount of time? According to Joe Swanberg,

“It was mostly about getting my work noticed.”
He said that

“If everyone is going to ignore you, then you have to start producing film after film and eventually someone is going to notice what you are doing, even if the films are total crap.”
This strategy seemed to pay off for Mr. Joe Swanberg. He recently made his biggest budget film Drinking Buddies (about $500,000, most of his film range from $5,000 – $50,000) with some major stars. Drinking Buddies stars Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Jack London and Ron Livingston.

To go deeper down the Joe Swanberg and watch over 4 hours on how he does this click here:


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