September 15, 2014 at 11:24AM


How should we approach film history?

So i think a lot of us start by people talking about the Lumiere brothers or maybe Thomas Edison and his kind of film camera then we see George Melies then we go on to see D. W. Griffith and we go on and on but i rarely feel like i truly understand all of film history or at least it's movements (granted this might say more about me than of how we are taught to look at it) yet in regards to world history many teachers and historians consider that we should learn it in REVERSE starting from our present day back that way we are always conscious or how history affects us (did you really felt like you knew the impact and ideas the mesopotamians had in your life back in middle school) so what do YOU think? should we teach for example "hollywood" filmaking taking a very contemporary hollywood film and trace it back to teach it? could the same be applied for modern european cinema? or for explaning movements like the nouvelle vague starting with Xavier Dolan and then going back to it's start? which one would you recommend to a young man/woman wanting to start learning about the 7th art? i feel that i am at a point where i can even choose how to learn and digest film history. Let the back and forward begin

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