March 3, 2017 at 10:33AM


I made an award wining short, how bad is it?

Hey Guys,

I've made an award winning short, it's my first short film.
Of course I'm not satisfied with it, and most of the responses I've got are "great job", I would appreciate some bashing and pointing some mistakes that I did in the details ( obvious or not).

Would love if some of you can take their time to point out the flaws and the good things I did, I need constructive criticism cause I'm planning to do a new one.

The film is only 2:24 long, so let me know!

Thanks in advance!

YT Link:

Vimeo Link:

Technical Details:
Shot on a7s w/ CZJ Flektogon 35, CZJ Biometar 80, Loxia 50 & Canon 16-35 2.8.
Edited in Premiere Pro, VFX in After Effects
Graded in Premiere Pro w/ FilmConvert
Shot with Natural Light, no artificial lights were used at all
Awards, FilmConvert Best People's Choice
Nominations, MRR Best Art Direction, MRR Best Sci-Fi Genre

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