December 1, 2015 at 6:39AM, Edited December 1, 6:40AM


I made a new filmmaking series

What the point of my series is that you see me as a person had you seen your uncle tried talking to you and you don't see it in a way that was done by a film crew or anyone professional. So I take you out of the polished film world and come down to earth and straight forwardly help you as me as a person giving videos in crappy resolutions, lowlight, aspect ratios in real life. And showing the polished film world look you are after in the cheap way possible and try to fill in the gaps for free and I just use youtube adds. Just about it. Anyway here is the first two episodes. You are to laugh at this and feel out of cinema and into amateur like your uncle when I'm talking and showing the techniques. Edits are only used for time and to get to the point and help with the knowledge. The series is also funny in the situations I get myself into and how it is handled, it's fine to laugh. Anyway here it is:

I'll be posting more episodes soon. And don't trust your mentality on film look too much on the episodes.Treat it like the news. Andrew Koo and others here I would like to see you progress on this series as it gets better.

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