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I Need Support and Feedback

This is my first large collaboration film called 4 AM, a tribute to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast that details the effect of the broadcast on one family in a small town. The teaser only shows a glimpse of that.
We're running a Kickstarter and I want to build a fan/support base. We really do have some awesome rewards and I plan to create a side film for all supporters of the whole process from beginning to end. Please take a moment to at least check it out and only support it if you really like it.

Also, I am looking to get the community involved in post-production, anyone who is interested in providing a score/advice/CGI, I would be interested in collaborating and discussing compensation.

Thanks for taking the time,



I LOVE color grading and would be interested in looking at some of the post stuff. What camera are you shooting on and will you be shooting in a log gamma curve?

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Clark McCauley

I am the writer/director, my name is Nathan. The Director of Photography is Alvaro Aro, he is shooting on a Red Epic. Can I encourage you to get on our facebook at and ask the question? I don't want to ruin the man's good name by answering his questions. Thanks for the comment. Please spread the word and support if you're a fan of what you've seen.

Thanks Clark

March 17, 2016 at 5:46AM

Nathan Karimi
Writer/ Director

Hey Nathan,

For post-production / VFX you should check out If you have an interesting project, people will apply to work on it wether you have a budget or not. Check out Troll Bridge, awesome project with no budget and 8 VFX collaborators:

Hope this helps.

September 16, 2016 at 8:46AM

Caroline Pires
VFX Supervisor / CEO of Nerdeo

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