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if you are more the sociable type and love to fight alongside

Or, if you are more the sociable type and love to fight alongside others in a group, you can become a "Community Protector".The potential the following is practically endless, so there are plenty of fun that can be had on the hunt for those kinds of titles.Titles will also be an excellent strategy to show other players which milestones you've reached amongst players.

Does the conqueror of 10,000 spiders not deserve a remarkable title? Should a farmer who after 50 attempts retains not was able to overcome a selected boss cease allowed to adornhimself with the epithet illustrating a very achievement? Obtaining special and big achievements tend to be more than just getting some nice words above ymu legend character’s head; Some of them consist of some real item rewards like Wings and Pets, but that’s something we're going to talk about inside a different article.

Finally, mu legend are pleased to announce which the faithful companions of MU Legend, with fought alongside us during CBT1 in addition to CBT2, who helped us identify issues amongst gamers and were thus directly linked to ensuring mu legend will offer you a wonderful gaming experience, will probably be rewarded for his or her efforts with one or maybe even two unique titles. People who participated on both, CBT1 and CBT2, are going to be rewarded with yet another special Title.Those titles are certainly not available somewhere else, these are simply a token of mu legend gratitude presented to mu legend most faithful supporters because of their patience and dedication.

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