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Independent Film Distribution and finding your audience!

Making a film is only 50% of the battle won! Just in the UK almost 70% of the filmmakers struggle to get their films distributed; and the figures of the projects that get to see the inside a cinema drop down to 10% globally. Even if the films make it to film festivals, it does not necessarily guarantee distribution. Producers and sales agents who’ve attended the likes of Cannes, Toronto, Berlin or Sundance know the struggle and will give you affirmation of the competition. And the big VOD distributors or players mainly focus on big budget films or producing their own content; savvy Independent filmmakers / producers have also explored self distributing, but even that is a costly process, either you pay to be a pro account holder and market to get your PPV audience, or pay a lot more to try and get your projects on premium VODs.

Finally here’s something to give you real independence! MODYST, a la digital cinema theatre, is an online film platform where filmmakers can distribute, monetise their films, whether its a short or a feature or anything in between, the platform also plans to acquire independent web-series, so if you’re making a drama, comedy or a reality show, and want to reach an international audience, MODYST is right for you.

Though their Beta version launches early 2017, however, you can check out the platforms’ features and what you can expect here:, the’ve even started to accept films and project for submissions already.

The benefits of being on the MODYST platform are not limited to online distribution, but also

Learning and understanding your audience,
Releasing your projects globally and or in a particular region.
Networking with other filmmakers and exploring more collaboration opportunities,
Their top rated films will also be screened at partner festivals (at no extra cost to filmmakers); as they would be working with independent film festivals from across the globe.

The process is simple to start, just submit ( your projects by filling in a form, with a nominal submission fee, the projects are then reviewed by their programming team and industry professionals, the best of the lot are given an exclusive distribution deal on their subscription platform, where the filmmakers can expect up-to 80% of revenue shares and can monitor their audiences.

Though the selection criteria would be strictly based on factors like quality of the project, Festival awards or jury/critic mentions, reviews of the programmers, however certain projects that do not fit in their premium subscription model can still be eligible to be distributed through their Film club playlist and monetise through advertisements.

And this is just a start, some of their coolest features are yet to be announced in 2nd quarter of 2017, so stay tuned and be part of the change!

Audiences can expect a wide variety & range of films from around the world, including shorts, features and independent web series, with cool features to give you an immersive cinema experience, with options to play videos up-to 4K Ultra HD quality. Interested? subscribe to their channel here:

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