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Introducing Zero - The world's most innovative follow focus lens gear

Hello Everyone

First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Josh. I am the owner and founder of broken anchor design.

We are a premium film equipment accessory manufacturer, that seeks to challenge the status quo and conventional approaches to equipment design.

Our first product on offer to the public is a Follow Focus lens gear for photo lenses, that is set to redefine how you look at lens gears. We hope to create genuine excitement around an essential piece of equipment that has been terribly overlooked for too long.

A Brief Feature List:
-Zero is the world's first truly universal lens gear, designed to securely fit on any lens diameter from 60-90mm(2.3-3.6"). While other companies have tried to create solutions to this problem they all fall short. Most just give you a bunch of easily lost spokes that take forever to install. Zero is a very clever mechanism that uses a scissor-like action to create an infinitely adjustable lens gear to fit everything in your kit.
- Zero is a seamless gear. It has been specifically designed to internalize all of the mechanics, and provide you with a full 360ºs of operation. The gear is free of any mounting clamps, excess rubber strips, zip ties, or set screws that interfere with its operation. Say goodbye to fussing with gear orientation or unnecessary set up time.
-Zero boasts the fastest install time of any lens gear by a landslide. with a simple quarter turn of the ring the gear securely clamps onto your lens, taking your lens changes from tedious to warp speed. We have carefully crafted the ergonomic experience to compliment your workflow instead of holding it back

We have done everything we can to scrutinize every aspect or our design and provide you with a truly innovative product. While lens gears are not traditionally a product to get excited about, we really believe that zero will change all of that. We would love to hear everyone's feedback as we continue to release more details throughout the week leading up to our Kickstarter campaign on Nov. 15th. Please take a few minutes to check out our website and get more acquainted with the product at
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Josh Turner
instagram: brokenanchordesign
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