September 29, 2015 at 3:36PM, Edited September 29, 3:38PM


iPad Documentary Interview Logging Workflow

What is your workflow for using an iPad to log interviews in the field? My company just bought an iPad and we're hoping to relieve some work on the editor's side with logging long documentary interviews.

A little more about our current setup...we use Mac computers and Adobe CC 2015 software - prelude for logging and Premiere for edits. Our first stab at this has been using the Prelude Live Logger app and creating our own templates for each shoot. We export the XMP file and sync it up in Prelude... The notes that we take in the field end up on markers with a lot of extra metadata that are hard to read in Prelude and Premiere.

We're looking into other apps (Movie Slate, etc.) but if anyone knows a better way to use Live Logger let me know! Is anyone else trying to do this?

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