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KickStarter for Micro 4/3 Cine Prime Lenses

This looks really interesting. It's about time somebody finally makes a dedicated Micro 4/3 Cine Prime lens set...

Veydra - M4/3 Cinema Lenses for GH4 and BMPCC

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Some notes from the KickStarter's comments section...

- Veydra optical elements all made of fine quality multi coated glass. The barrels are aircraft grade aluminum and the mounts will be plated brass.

- The 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm are all the exact same size. The 12mm is as lightly shorter but the iris and focus gears are in the exact same position on each lens for quick lens changes

- These lenses are nearly telecentric so focus breathing or image size change is minimal to non-existent

- Matthew Duclos appeared in our video and was involved in the design specification for these lenses. Duclos lenses will offer these lenses for sale/service but is not involved in the manufacture of these lenses.

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Guy McLoughlin
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