June 6, 2019 at 1:42PM


La Grande Illusion

In the Film. La Grand illusion, we see a great step away from the silent film era and a step into the world of character dialogue. The Characters are imprisoned in a German Prison Camp, but are not living the typical story of hardship and suffering that many of the other people in the camp do. The Jews and Christians were treated horribly in the camps, however, the French were more well liked. The tow main characters Boelidieu, and Marechal are seen as respectable upper class men who share conversations with the German soldiers and share in their food and rituals. They are still considered prisoners, however, and at one point, Marechel is put in Solitary Confinement for interrupting a performance.
Why does this stand out. Its because the story is unique. We see the Germans as human beings rather than cold blooeded enemies The two frenchmen befriend a few of the soldiers and even develop a brotherhood type of relationship with them. This is not typical of war stories as most involve prisoners being mercilessly tortured and forced to undergo starvation. Sometimes they are even killed. There is something unique about going into the mind of an enemy. You begin to see their motive and their reasoning. this is what stands out about La Grand Illusion

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