July 3, 2016 at 4:29PM


Lens options for A7RII+Ronin MX setup

I'm looking to purchase some lenses that would work nicely with a Sony A7RII and a Ronin MX for both fictional narrative and filming promotional content. I currently own both a Sony Zeiss 16-35 and 25-70 FE zooms but am concerned that the focus-by-wire threading would make manual follow focus a nightmare. I'm also concerned that these lenses might be too heavy (If anyone has any experience with shooting Gimbal work with these lenses I would love to know how it went).
Therefore I am looking to purchase some prime lenses that I could use for this setup however I am now stuck at another blockade which comes down to the Sony A7RII strange quirk of being overall better quality in Super35/APS-C mode whilst also having horrible rolling shutter. Has anybody tested how drastic the rolling shutter is when doing standard gimbal work shooting Super35?
What to me seems to be theoretically the best option is purchasing a quality set of EF-mount FF manual focus primes and then buying both a metabones T smart mark 4 adapter (for filming FF) and a metabones T speed booster Ultra (for filming APS-C). Would this be the wisest option? Also if so which set of primes would work best? Also does adding adapters (apart from slowing the autofocus is low light) degrade image sharpness or quality at all?
If not theres the Loxia primes that look promising, however I would need to find some very wide FF primes for the super-35 crop compensation for shooting at the wide end that would match to the Zeiss Loxia look. There seems to also be the Veyra APS-c cine-primes and the Rokinon Xeens that seem promising but I don't know anybody who has used either nor if they would be suitable for gimbal work.
If anyone has any other suggestions for my dilemmas any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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