February 1, 2017 at 11:18PM


Life during/after film school?

I am currently in my last year of film school and want to know your experiences/actions you took throughout your studies and also what you did after you got your piece of paper :)))

e.g. how did you approach getting internships/jobs/work?



Not really film school, but for my high school education (In Norway you start highschool at 16, and get to choose between different kind of educations) I took something called media and communication, which is a education that teaches you all the basics of filmmaking, photography, graphical design, sound, PR etc. and during my time there I focused on filmmaking. For my third year I interned at an inhouse marketing department for a business selling houses and made films for them while doing some freelance work on the side. I also made sure to join as many free assistant jobs as possible for people I knew in the film world. When I was done I wnt on to a 4. year of highschool (Which im doing right now) to take the classes I missed because I focused on filmmaking, and I continued to work freelance when not in school. A few months ago one of my friends in film approached me and offered me a job in his new production company, and I said yes. So now I have a semi permanent job, which is really rare in Norway, almost everything is based off of freelance here. Really I just knew the right person at the right time. So you have to focus on networking and making a lot of content. Ill mention networking again because I cant say too many times how important that is! Networking.

February 2, 2017 at 12:29AM

Adrian Maurud

All the people I know working in the industry got here through personal connections with other people already in the industry. For every job at my company, we usually get over 300 applicants (even the really low-paying part time jobs). The ones that get hired are already in the industry or are friends with somebody at our company who can give them a personal recommendation. It doesn't matter if they have any prior experience or training; what we want is reliable, hard-working people who can take instruction.

In short, make friends with industry professionals.

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