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Listen to Dov Simens Quentin Tarantino's only Film Teacher before he made Reservoir Dogs!

I’m so excited to have to been able to speak to Dov Simens, founder of Hollywood Film Institute. He created the remarkable 2 Day Film School and has launched the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan, Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, Queen Latifah, Guy Ritchie & more.

“Listened to Dov Simens, Shot Reservoir Dogs and became a director. – Quentin Tarantino

Dov Simens’ teaching style is entertaining, in your face and straight from the street. Real world, practical film education.

“Took the 2 Day and launched my filmmaking career!”– Will Smith

To listen to the interview click here:


My sense that if you are trying to market your films to Hollywood this course will help you, if you want to be a better film maker, I am not convinced this will help. I have NOT taken the course, but I have looked at a variety of reviews and read the literature. My focus is on being a better filmmaker, not better at marketing. Keep in mind I have not attended his course and my opinion is based on reviews and my judgment only. My suggestion is to ask yourself what do I hope to get out of the course? and is it worth the money for what you need and expect? For you it might be exactly what you need, for me I am not willing to take the chance, because I am interested in the technical side of movie making at this time.

November 11, 2015 at 6:49PM


I bought his tapes and they were instrumental in getting my first movie made. Can't say enough good things about this man and the organization of his courses. I understand that less than 1% of film grads from noted Universities ever go on to make a feature film. His course will cut of the BS and get you going. You shouldn't comment on something you know little about.

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