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Looking for Support + 2 NFS only film link

Hi NFSers

First things first, i've uploaded a copy of my previous film A Silent Waltz to a private link just for NFS readers check it out and if you like it, head on back.

My new film is called A Static wind Blows, It follows introvert 14 year old Silvy on a yearly road trip with her dad to the country, for her Aunt Jackies birthday. Aunt Jackie takes on foster children, and every year Silvy has a new set of 'cousins' to deal with. This year she is taken out of her comfort zone, forcing her to rethink how she sees herself and these country folk.

A Static Wind Blows is part two of a trilogy that revolves around adolescence, with a new short film each year starring the same talented young actress, Virginia Cashmere, from a 13yo in A Silent Waltz, 15yo for A Static Wind Blows and then 16yo for the final instalment next year.

The script came out of a time post uni where people hoping to get into the film industry can be left floundering. My focus is on directing and cinematography but as im a wheelchair user it is difficult to get into the sort of stepping stone jobs (gripping, gaffering, ACing, ADing etc.), or do the one man band gig. So it left me to rethink and question where i am and why and how do i get out of it and get out of where i was at mentally. So wrote a character going through the same kind of emotional level problems, yet making it a young girl i am so far removed from it that it freed me up to explore it more deeply without personifying myself in a character.

If you have read this far, i really appreciate and before i obviously direct you to the crowdfunding page, I would like to link you to a concept/previs trailer that i created to help find the tone of the film. It has been a very important step to kind of find the tonal throughline to influence everything from production design and cinematography to costumes and character interactions.


For a content comparison, i would say the biggest influences for the film are The Spectacular Now, Fish Tank, Short Term 12 and a short film by Runar Runarrson called Anna. I would also throw in The Year My Voice Broke and as a character study a french film called l'effrontée (Charlotte Gainsburgs first film) is spectacular.

Alas, here is the link to the our crowdfunding campaign, we have made the film a $10 buy in to keep it as reasonable as possible but have some higher offer with some nice rewards. I really that the No Film School community can get behind and see value in this project.


Our facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/astaticwindblows

If you have any questions, technical, story, process or really about anything i would love to either answer or participate in a discussion around it.


For anyone trying to access the videos.

The password for both vimeo links is 'NFS'

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Isaac Elliott
Director - Producer

Thanks for posting, Isaac. Edit button coming very soon!

January 15, 2015 at 9:33AM

Ryan Koo

That short was great! The last scene looked amazing and the motif of the deaf girl was really well done.
What did you shoot on? DSLR?

I've always loved the idea of a mood piece, it's a great way to show investors what they're buying into. You get a real strong sense of what the film is going to be like. Very happy to slide this one a few dollars, keen to see how this turns out.

January 13, 2015 at 7:19PM

Dale Leszczynski
Shooter Editor VFX

Thanks dale!
The last scene came together really well with the music and our editor being able to comp in the lead actress since she wasnt available at the same time as the extras. We had access to a RED Epic through the University but swapped out the CP.2 lenses with an old set of Ziess Super Speeds. Such a nice set of lenses although they lack the contrast of some other lenses.

The mood piece was really fun to put together and has been really useful to get the mood accross to the departments

January 14, 2015 at 9:35PM

Isaac Elliott
Director - Producer

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