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MacPro for sale on Ebay. Great deal

Hell all, Sorry for the intrusion, but if you want a great deal on a MacPro, I'm having to offload mine.

Here is a really clean late 2013 Mac Pro purchased in 2017 and used in a video production studio. It has been hopped up and if you pay more than $2500, you'll get not only a machine worth nearly 6K, you'll get a bunch of other goodies like:
2013 MacPro 8 Core with Dual AMD Fire Pro D500s
1TB OWC Aura SSD kit
Digiplate c-stand table system
Digiplate MacPro Mount
Original 500GB SSD in offboard (USB-3) enclosure
Original 32 GB Apple Memory
The machine is in great condition. Light scratch on one side of the case which I've tried to show in the pics. It's got a fresh install of OSX High Sierra 10.12.5

(EDIT: I've had a couple questions about the following:)
I have the original box. I am happy to ship to you. I'll bring it to my local UPS store, pack and ship it, but you'll have to pay for shipping.
(/close Edit)

I bought it as a refurb from Apple in 2015 for $5100. It began as a 500GB SSD with 32GB mem. I swapped in an OWC 1TB SSD kit and 64 GB of memory.

Similar spec machines on Apple's site are going for $5800. SmallDog is currently selling similar refurbs (using cores, mem and SSD as specs) for about $3500 (but they don't include a 1TB SSD and 64GB mem plus originals). Apple is offering a trade-in at $1500.

If you buy at above $2500, the original 500GB SSD will included along with USB3 drive kit (linked above) that uses the original SSD as an extra (very fast) drive. It is currently formatted out as a install disk. The original memory modules (32GB) will also come along if the machine is bought at the above price.

The machine is currently mounted to a Inovativ Digiplate kit that hangs the Mac below a cheese-plate on any c-stand. The plate has a clamp for an Apple or other monitor as well as a separate plate for a mouse or magic track pad. I will include the Digiplate kit with the machine if the offer goes over $2500.

If the price is under $2500, you'll get the machine as it sits, minus the Digiplate mount, original 32GB Mem and the external OWC drive. That's still a really good deal.

Here are the links to the OWC stuff

The Innovativ® Digiplate system can be researched here:
Digiplate Pro (
Mac Pro Mount (
Thanks for looking!

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