December 4, 2017 at 12:55AM


Making a 2nd MyPlayer is So Discouraging

Making a 2nd MyPlayer is So Discouraging...It's harder abundant beginning from 60 afresh and accepting to body your amateur up application your VC on attributes, but 2k ALSO allows you to alpha over in agreement of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, animations, etc.AT LEAST let's accumulate the accepting we bought for the FIRST player, as opposed to accepting us buy everything that cher sht OVER again!In 2k17, the clothes we bought agitated to our new players, NOW we gotta buy it over afresh smh.

2k aboveboard takes advantage of the VC arrangement as well as the sht is indeed fking sad man.And what's even added sad is the fact every time i accomplish a column criticizing 2k, there's consistently humans arresting 2k as well as their BS, i would not acquire you people.I'm abiding most will be in actuality adage impaired sht like "you're so dramatic", "it's not really that serious", "2k can be a business", or even the worse blazon of animadversion "if you won't like it, don't have fun playing the game".First of all, i buy a affection for basketball, so i'm gonna get involved in it regardless, but that will not beggarly i can not be balked by it and mention the flaws.I'm abiding you humans get balked together with your admired NBA aggregation sometime, but does that beggarly you ought to stop acclaim for them? No, you merely ambition the crooks to improve.And the accomplished "2k is really a business" line, i really could accord 2 fks about.

Yes, the simple truth is, nevertheless it doesn't yield abroad how algae they can be at active the business enterprise.I absolutely acquire your annoyance about 2k and greed. If you dont apperception me asking, that which was ur body and why did u abandon it?Not OP here, but I commonly execute a C plus a PG/SG one anniversary year just because these are such altered play styles (idk why, i just now adore owning the amplitude under the hoop, apparently could may cause i'm 5'9 and definately will never acquaintance it irl)This year I agnosticism i'll utilize the PG whatsoever, just play GM and my C Career, due to the fact I agnosticism I'll ambition to accord with architecture addition amateur up already the cutscenes work just like best new/worth watching in my opinion, additional every one of the plan needed to bullwork up.

This variety of bits was acquired by the many humans authoritative new myplayers and afresh just paying to get these to 85. 2K is acquisitive these humans just wanna accord their own away.If humans accumulate affairs will accumulate authoritative it worse for "non" paying customers. Even admitting we've already bought their game.

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