February 4, 2017 at 11:49PM


Making a Short Film-

Hello guys,
I am working on pre-production of my short film. Trying to be as precise and as neat as I can because someone has said, the script has to be strong if you want your film be profound.
I have three characters in this film, the dad, the daughter and the lady.
Before this, I have shot a couple of music videos and 30 seconds of short film but this will be around 5-6 minute film. I am worried about production part, I will be directing and shooting it too.
I am confident about my script and I know if the film comes out the same way as I am thinking this will be a beautiful film.
If you guys can give me some tips and suggestions on how should I proceed and what should I do to justify the script as it is.
Also, I will be crowd funding this film so I really really don't want to screw this film.

Thank you in advance.

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