March 9, 2015 at 12:18PM


Making a Short Film: Could use anybody's help!

Hello, I am new here but I wanted to share a project that I am working on! I am part of a class at Ohio University called MDIA 419 that lets undergrad students make short films based on short stories. This year we are making a short film based off of the Russell Banks short story "Former Marine." We want to create a short film that delves into the psyche of a single parent veteran that resorts to robbing banks in order to pay the bills. "The Retiree" will point out the struggle of being an older veteran that has been forgotten with a powerful and contemplative film.
We get hands on experience while working on this film and a chance to work with professional equipment and actors. That being said, our film is not made unless we raise the money. We hope to raise around $5,000 dollars. If anybody can share the gofundme or donate that would be much appreciated! Even $5 dollars would help us out a lot! Thanks for your time.

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