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Marketing for a Digitally Distributed Film

Hi everyone,

I'm a producer looking to produce a mini-series for release via Vimeo On-Demand. Obviously, I intend to take the lead on the marketing effort behind this and the entirety of the business side of the film.

This is my first time diving into something like this, though. I've gotten some great experience producing several student shorts, but I know it's a different deal to make something that a significant amount of people want to watch. I love the challenge presented by trying to figure all of this out, but there are definitely a lot of variables and I don't want to overlook any.

So I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate any help on!

First, if you have done this kind of thing before, what are some marketing tactics or strategies you would recommend for marketing a digitally distributed film?

Second, since we are intending to take profit from On-Demand distribution, it only seems fair to compensate actors. I love my actors, but I can't really afford to pay any of them a wage. Instead I was considering offering a percentage of the total revenue generated by VOD. Is this a common or correct practice? If not, what else would you recommend?

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Hi Eric,

Just wondering what experience you had with VoD if you went that route and do you think it was worth it?

I'm looking into something similar myself.


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