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Master Class: Shooting Episodic TV on RED Weapon



Attention aspiring UHD shooters: Spend a day expanding and sharpening your skill set under the tutelage of Giles Harvey whilst working on an actual episode of VLN original series, À La Carte, in a Central London restaurant kitchen.

by Giles Harvey

"There are three main tools we use for building our image. Framing, Focus and Exposure. These are the very basics of camera work."

"No matter what level you are at you have to know what you are looking at. And by that I mean, whatever is in your viewfinder or monitor and what ends up in the edit suite. I spend hours analysing decisions I made in seconds, pixel peeping to understand how to improve. With this knowledge you can assess where and when to bend the rules and, if required, not just break them but smash them up. Shooting RAW and indeed RED you have a whole new world open to you in terms of getting the very best from your images. What I plan to do is to take you through the path to ensure to have the best possible rushes to send or take into edit. Alongside this I will offer a guide on how to approach each shoot and deal with the inevitable compromises you will encounter. Once you have an understanding of ‘base camp’ then you will be able to take your pictures to a whole new level."

• Observe skilled RED camera operators at work on location at one of London's premier restaurants
• Get coaching and insider knowledge on lenses and best practices
• Test drive a RED Dragon (or Weapon) and exercise your creativity for an entire scene (1 of 8)
• Get attribution for your contributions in the rolling credits!

ABOUT Giles Harvey

Giles studied photography and the media arts before turning his attention to the moving picture. This transition was completed at the BBC training facility before he embarked on a career as a freelance lighting cameraman. After many years working his way through the industry, Giles established Luttrell Productions in 2004. As Luttrell grew, Giles ensured his camera skills and knowledge of fast changing technologies kept pace with the latest industry innovations. Now a Director of Photography, he has put his name to numerous high end productions including title sequences, documentaries and commercials.

In addition, Giles has been consulted on 4K migration by several mainstream broadcasters as well guest lecturing, sharing some of the tough lessons he has learnt along the way. The passion to pick up a camera has never left Giles, and he feels the learning process has only just begun. It is this driving force for perfection that has kept Luttrell a success over the last 11 years.

LINKS to Giles Harvey's latest projects: Bundesliga Teaser ( & ITV Promo (

Mentor: Giles Harvey
Date: 9 June, 2016
Time: 8h - 16h
Location: Central London (Under wraps, but Zone 1/2)

CAPACITY: 10 Maximum

PRICE: £500 per person


As the saying goes, 'Knowledge is power'. Strengthen and open your career to the realm of UHD TV at a thematic master class overseen by accomplished mentors. Enrolling in VLN Academy master classes will afford you access to state-of-the-art UHD equipment & facilities, experience working on real world, widely broadcast commercial productions, and exposure to exclusive career opportunities with VIVE Lifestyle Network.

*** This master class includes the option of attending a complimentary 2-day RED Digital Cinema Training Clinic at Pinewood Studios *** Learn more»

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