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Michael Bay: Directing Hack or Genius?

Every indie filmmaker who knows anything about films loves to hate on Michael Bay…or do they? Over-the-top he may be, but is Michael Bay really the worst director alive? I know we are all a bit tired of watching giant robots beat the hell out of each other.

With that said Michael Bay is still one of the best action directors working today. No other director alive can craft images and action sequences that looks like a Michael Bay film, and trust me his style has been ripped off more times over the last twenty years than I can count.

The Rock is still one of my favorite action movies of all time and the Bad Boys films, which are just plan ol’ fun. Armageddon also has a place in my heart, as it’s ridiculous popcorn fun.

If you go to a Michael Bay movie expecting a deep, intellectually challenging film then you are jumping on the wrong Autobot. What Michael Bay does have is an amazing eye for composing shots, creating new angles and camera movements you haven’t seen on screen before.

Check out the videos breaking down "Bayham":


What does "iPhone filmmaking" have to do with this at all? Stop trying to get views by tagging dozens of unrelated topics and linking other people's work without adding anything of your own to the mix.

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That video is super old. Maybe if you create good quality content I would visit your site, but it's either shit or you copy others.

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