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Micro Budget Sci-Fi/Horror SALES/DISTRIBUTION

Can anyone recommend (based on direct personal experience) a sales agent or distributor for micro budget indie/genre film?

My feature as been selected for Sci-Fi-London 2017 next month and I'm trying to springboard the arduous task of selling/distributing the film off the back of that so.

I'm aware I'm not likely to make any money (quickly) but I do want to develop relationships that will result in being able to make more films.

Any help at all from the community would be appreciated.


If you're looking for traditional distribution, you should start by not airing your drama on the front page of your film's site before you even get to describing the plot. It's extremely unprofessional and makes you appear very conceited and difficult to work with - essentially poison to distributers and anyone who might think about working with you in the future.

Even if it's all meant as a joke, it doesn't land at all, and just like all of the bragging and swearing throughout the rest of the description, it does nothing more than compromise your professional image. I'm all for swearing and joking around, but if you're really looking for distribution, that's got to stop, and what's there has to be changed or excised.

Distributors are not there to be buds and have a good time, nor are there to suffer through pretense and drama. They're there to make money, and if your personal/company image and the image of the film compromises that, it doesn't matter how great it is, it's gonna go untouched.

Sorry to be harsh, but if you're looking to make yourself more marketable, that's where you should start. If you're not interested in changing any of that, start looking into self-distribution.

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Jacob Floyd
Writer / Videographer

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate what you're saying. However it has actually gone down quite well and it actually got us into SF2017, the organisers were really intrigued by the concept (it is just a marketing angle and they got it) and how that would play out in a Q&A scenario at a festival.

Furthermore I have been in communication with a sales agent in London and they also quite liked it as well (they just wanted to charge us £4000 for a new poster). I am aware though that not everyone is going to get it, we'll see, it's brave new world and fortune favours the brave (or maybe stupid).

March 27, 2017 at 8:20AM

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