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Most important pieces of gear for a beginner rig?

I'm starting to get more clients and have a music video and wedding project coming up. I'm starting to put together a gear list for building a basic shoulder rig, but don't have anything more than the basic skeleton sketched out. I'm shooting with a Sony a6000 and Nikon d810, and already have audio figured out. So my question is:

What pieces of gear are ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVES for a basic DSLR shoulder rig? For example, do I really need a matte box, or can I put that money toward a battery pack and a couple ND filters? Is a follow focus super important, or can I go the cheap route temporarily and use a focus/zoom lever for now?

My rig will be based on this ( ), and I want to keep the price as low as possible.

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Personally, I looked at the matte box idea myself, but I don't think it's that important until you have other things. If you really need shade, then I reckon a lens hood would serve. Spend your money on things that you know you need.

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