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Most Successful Works of warner Brothers

The most ably-to-lead films that Warner Bros has created in last decades are unadulterated here. One of those is the movie Batman the dark knight. The production cost of this movie has reached on a staggering $185 million and was rate as one of the PG-13. The added movies are dark knight, harry Potter and the deathly hallows portion 1 and 2, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone,Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix which has earned $939,885,929, Harry Potter and the half blood prince which has earned $934,416,487, Harry potter and the goblet of ember which has earned $896,911,078 and harry Potter and the chamber of secrets has earning of $878,989,634. They plus also enjoyable at producing freshness film such as pokemon: thr 1st movie which made $163,644,662, making it the highest grossing anime film in the US.
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