May 14, 2017 at 11:05AM


A Movie Set | Comedy Short Film Released (shot on Canon 5D Mark II)


A reporter with great ambitions is constantly assigned to cover small local stories that are nothing more than silly events disguised as news for ratings sake. His professional goal to cover big news like wars gets further away from him when his producer assigns him to report on a student feature film that cast a faded movie star from the eighties trying a comeback. This might be the last chance for the movie star to restart his career, because his wild life style during the eighties impacted his memory and casting possibilities.
As the reporter watches the making off video and interviews everyone on the set, his frustration with the self-involved film students can't be surpassed by any new assignment until his producer calls again.

Eduardo Rufeisen - Director
Eduardo Rufeisen - Writer (Life, Still Life, Human Resources, It Was Dali, A Movie Set, The Decisive Moment)
John Levine - Writer (Human Resources)
Eduardo Rufeisen - Producer
Justin Villa - plays the reporter - Key Cast
Peter Opdyde - plays the movie star from the 80s - Key Cast
Collin Chandler - plays the sound guy - Key Cast
John Charles Bluto - plays the TV assistant producer - Key Cast
Leah Mosgrove - plays the movie assistant director - Key Cast
Samantha Edelstein - plays the make up girl - Key Cast
Sloane Grace - play the movie director - Key Cast
Vanessa Robinson - plays the screen writer - Key Cast
Phil Briggs - Cinematographer
Wes Sneeringer - Editor
Alf Pollard - Production Designer
Brian Zinola - Music Composer
Colin Day - Gaffer
Seth Angerer - Gaffer
Jack Fusting - Boom Operator
Jeff Dragomannovich - Boom Operator

Genres: Comedy
Country of Origin: United States
Completion Date: February 28, 2015
Film Language: English
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

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