December 12, 2014 at 12:11AM


My Entry for Nikon Film Festival

Hey folks,

I made a film for the latest Nikon Film Festival. Rules specified theme of 'a different perspective' and a run-time of 140 seconds.

The whole thing went from rough idea in Starbucks to final cut in 4 weeks, and for once I did this as a complete one-man-band gig as there wasn't time to coordinate crew.

I'm still relatively new to all this - this is my third short - so I still view these things as learning exercises. The biggest take-away I had from this was that you really can make something solo, over a couple of evenings/weekends provided you just knuckle down and do it.

Anyway, I'd love you folks to take a look and provide unconditional praise ;-)

BTW - I'm not fussed about people voting for it (I'm honestly not soliciting votes here...) as the leading films already have 1000s so I'm never catching up. I'm far more interested in people's views than 'views'...


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