November 26, 2016 at 3:08PM


My First Horror Short Film! Would Love Feedback

Hey everyone! Just recently me and some friends released our first horror short film and I am trying to put it out there as much as I can. I'm always looking for feedback and how to better myself. This is pretty much a no budget thing. I used this as a way of throwing myself into the fire so to speak. Pretty much learning directing, editing, VFX, sound as I went. If you have some time I'd love you all to take a watch.


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Not bad for your first stab at it, though it felt more like a comedy than horror.
The things that grabbed me most was it was a bit too dark. I know it needs to be dark, but I had to turn off all the lights at my desk to see anything. Throwing out some soft light just to help register the image would be good, especially for the exteriors. The other major thing is that the audio is really inconsistent. I had to keep my hand on the volume control and sometimes dialogue was drowned under music/effects.
Now for more nit picky stuff: Babyface's acting more "over the top" than the other characters. The director should have toned him back a little. Security cameras don't move freely. I know sound editors habitually add noises to any and everything electronic for no reason at all, but it's a terrible cliche' that needs to stop. In other words, the security camera beeps were more of a distraction than anything.

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