March 9, 2019 at 6:42AM, Edited March 9, 6:45AM


My first (no budget) short film - A Western - "Aces Wild"

After a few years of having trouble finding crew for my short film scripts, my wife and I decided to write something that could be done without much crew. This is the labor of that love.
My brother and I acted in the film and my wife learned the camera to shoot it. Any advice on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.
Also, how does one go about finding people who want to participate? I thought once I had the gear people would line up to have fun making short films. I've ran ads and made local social media posts galore to no effect. We have no local film clubs or associations and I've tried to start some, but no one is interested. I love making short films, but I can't do the quality of work I would like to without a crew and actors.

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