April 11, 2015 at 5:14PM


My first short film, "Familiarly Alien"

Hi everyone!
Two years ago I started making my first short film. I realized that since it probably wouldn't be very good anyway (like, who makes an Oscar-winner on their first try?), so it might as well be silly and really (intentionally) cliché. (Which is something I generally think is very funny).

So, anyway, the script was, although stupid, really ambitious, involving aliens and light sabers and all these things I had no idea how to create; I had barely held a camera at the time. In addition to those challenges, I only got one friend on board the project, and we decided he might as well play all three roles, and then I would give voice to the aliens.

Because of that, (and the fact that I really didn't know a lot about how cameras worked at the time, so basically all the green screen footage was under exposed and flickering (because we filmed at 1/48th shutter in Europe), the film spent nearly two years in post (although if I had already known compositing, 3D-modelling, animating, colour correction and sound mixing, and worked a bir more intensively, it could probably have been done in half the time).

Now, that was the touching back story. What I really want to know is: what do you think of it? What should have been done differently? What worked and what didn't?
And please don't take the story too seriously ;)

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