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My first "short" – Season Opening 2015


I recently bought a Blackmagic Ursa, and I wanted to try that beast out. Couple of my friends had wanted to make this kind of video, and when they asked me to take part in the project, I was instantly IN.

So this was the first project where I used the camera, or did basically any kind of color correction. I had only shot couple of test clips beforehand. We didn't plan anything before going to the location. Everything was shot in little less than four hours, and there wasn't any kind of script, or even a shotlist of what we already had shot. The film was shot with a three-man-crew, me, "actor" and an assistant.

Also, before this project I had never done any focus pulling. You know, it's not that hard, but still, god that IS hard!

Everything was shot in 4K, 80fps in RAW 3:1. I only had one 64GB CFast 2.0 card at the time, so I had to unload the memory card couple of times. I ended up with about 150 gigs of footage.

Then the struggle started. As you might know, when you buy a Blackmagic camera, you receive a free copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio. I tried to start creating proxies from those RAW-files, but something wasn't working. In "library"-window, every time I tried to open the folder containing all those raw-files, DR crashed. There was no error message, it just crashed. Every time. I was unable to fix the problem, so I ended up downloading Lite version from the Blackmagic website. It worked! Problem was, that Lite doesn't support resolutions over UHD, when Ursa's Raw-files are 4000x2160, and also there was no proper way to reduce Ursas awful noise. Well, I had to work with what I had.

Color correction itself wasn't that hard but my computer was struggling with the awesomeness of 4K RAW. Grading job I did was very basic, since I was just learning how to do it. Therefore I'd love any feedback from you professionals! BTW I edited with Premiere Pro CC. Love it.

Thank you, I'd respect any feedback from you guys!

-Tuomo Artama

PS. I downloaded DR Studio 12, and all problems just disappeared. Fantastic!

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