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My Opinion on Film 'Changeling'

It`s always interesting to see how actor behaves in different roles. That`s why I decided to watch ‘Changeling ’. You can find the movie at Dreamfilm and see everything by yourself. It is a complicated movie with an unusual mood.
‘Changeling’ is a film that impresses you while it tells about the life of Christine Collins (Jolie), a single mother who comes back home one day in 1930's LA and finds out that her son has disappeared. Christine is determined to find her son even after the LAPD suggest that he has run away. When, after several months, they tell her that they have found her son she is ecstatic but unbeknown to her in order to deflect a glut of negative press about corruption in the LAPD they return a boy who Christine insists is not her son.
The horror that befalls Christine after this "reunion" is unbelievable but that is where this story is different from others. ‘Changeling’ is based on a true life story where truth really is stranger than fiction. I won't go into what happens next but Jolie's performance is brilliant, she portrays Christine as a strong and determined woman in a male dominated world filled with corruption and poltical agenda. Her faith in the truth and justice shine through. With support from John Malkovich and Jeffrey Donovan this is a stunning film from Clint Eastwood who has directed the film perfectly. Have your hankies at the ready!


yes agree, but I want to tell something.. last week I watch animated movie named smallfoot on , I think you'll get different opinion for Changeling movie that built in animation

November 1, 2018 at 3:10AM


how about Changeling movie in animation genre? for example smallfoot movie or coco

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