December 6, 2015 at 5:20PM, Edited December 6, 5:22PM

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Need a new camera

Hey everyone! I am currently in need of a new camera setup, upgrading from a BMPCC. I loved that camera, but it was just too small and fiddly for my main camera, and it was awful in low light. I'm a college freshman who shoots mostly indie stuff, with the occasional paid shoot.
I'm thinking about the A7s with the sony 24-70 for its low light ability and high dynamic range, but I'm also considering the GH4 for its internal 4k and good price point. I'm sure most of you on this forum are far more experienced than I am, so feel free to make your own suggestion! My budget is $4000 for camera, lens(es), batteries, etc., but I would also love to stay under that. Thanks!

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