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Networking with social media: does anyone actually do it? is it effective?

We all know that we can use social media to our advantage, now a days we can post on 1 site and simultaneously post on all other with the click of 1 button. Some are better at it than others, but when does it stop becoming "marketing" "promoting" and become spam? The reason I ask is because I utilize my FB, IG, and Twitter not only for the occasional status update and pictures, but I also use it to promote my videos, and my website. I tend not to bombard my friends and followers news feed with the same videos 10 times in 1 hr, but I'll try to post once or twice every few days, if I have a new video i'll probably share it a few times a day just because its fresh. The reason I dont post more often on these sites is because really I dont have many followers and dont want to bore people with the same videos. Yes I can create more videos (which I currently am doing) but how many times can we share the same thing with the same people over and over again? I know I get tired of some of my friends when they post the same songs, in the comments on my wall, in my inbox, all within 30 minutes of eachother. Do you guys feel social media marketing is spam, or is it effective? Do you feel it's dying out? I would really like to get some insight from my fellow NoFilmSchooler's.

With that said, I wanted to touch on the new social media site called tsu. It is brand new only being active for about a month, and itsa growing more and more everyday. This site is slowly becoming a viral sensation with its claims that THEY PAY YOU to post, and be active on the site like you normally would on any other social media site. They actually let you track the stats of your post just like YOUTUBES analytic page. The experience can be likened to the best features of FaceBook with the best features of Twitter with a splash of YouTube's monetization incentive. To be quite honest, the first couple of days was like the Social Media Wild West, everyone friend requesting everyone, asking if the site is a scam, sharing everyones post, etc... It was actually kind of fun, the whole idea of following random strangers, and accepting friend request from them as well, and we all had the same goal in mind, share each others content and get paid! So far I have seen an increase of traffic to my website, as well as to my YouTube page. No i'm not driving them in by the thousands but those few views here and there is more than I was seeing from just posting on FB, and Twitter. So far I notice the developers gearing this site for Original Content Creators, much like YouTube. They actually set limits to how many times a day you can share/post and how many people you can follow and request. At first the site was flooded with spammers, but now things seem to have settles and people are actually making a name for themselves on the site and earning a few dollars along the way. Has any of you here tried the site? If you have please share your experience and maybe chime in if you feel this is a good tool for us filmmakers to explore to get more exposure. This site has potential to stick around so be on the look out, it really never hurts to have another avenue to show people your work!

anyone interested in joining it's by invite only so far so here is my link,

and if you are already using the site feel free to add me!


> I'll try to post once or twice every few days

An excellent idea! Posting regularly will keep you in people's minds.

> if I have a new video i'll probably share it a few times a day

I would unfollow you for this behaviour. "A few times a day" is spam.

November 23, 2014 at 6:52PM

Minor Mogul

thanks for the input

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Luis Garcia

Good question. I would say it is important on a platform like Facebook to have separate business and personal pages. That way, you can push your work on your business page and it is seen as expected and not desperate :)

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Michael Arell

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