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New Film makers

What wins the festivals? Im a first time film maker that is going big with a budget. What should i expect? How many film festivals should i enter? thx

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If there was an easy recipe everybody would apply it. Just do what you like, be true and have fun.
There are festival for all type of film so whatever type of film/story you do there are festivals for it. Just make a good film. I don't think it works to make a film according to what you think is expected, plus from one year to an other it's not the same things that are wanted.
The advice I can give you is to not rush to apply, you can do it only once and you can do it up to one year after the finish, so make sure the film is really finish before sending it.
Also don't enter to every festival you can apply to, as it can become quite expensive. Big festivals often cost between 100-200$ so it is easy to spend quicly a few k$ on entry fees. Just enter the festivals that really suits your film.
One last thing, don't go too big, if you are a first time filmmaker you will do mistake, it's how we learn. As much as possible keep things easy so you can keep control and do things well. That said there are a lot of festival for first time filmmaker so that's something you should look into.

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