January 6, 2016 at 3:09PM


This new music licensing platform looks awesome. What's the catch?

Just came across this article about a new music licensing platform called Art-List, and it looks like it could be way more cost-effective than some of the other high-quality music services out there like MusicBed.


I guess I'm just skeptical about how a subscription service like this could work if the music is really good, unless it's also really expensive. Like $500 a year or something like that.

But then the article says: "that yearly subscription fee will likely be about the same price as one commercial indie film license from one of the other well-known music services."

So I guess I'm just wondering, what's the catch? Is this too good to be true?


Hey Tyler,

First off, thanks for linking to my new site. Really appreciate it!

Second, I'm actually doing some consulting work with the guys who founded Art-list, and I can tell you that there's no catch. They really are passionate about building the best music licensing platform on earth for indie filmmakers who can't afford to license a bunch of songs from other sites.

And from what I've heard so far (about 15-20 songs), the quality of the music is outstanding. Also, they won't let me tell people what the yearly price is yet, but I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised when they release it later this month.

Hope this helps, and definitely let me know if you have any other questions about Art-list :)

January 6, 2016 at 3:18PM

Rob Hardy
Founder of Filmmaker Freedom

It may be too good to be true but there may not necessarily be a catch!

I came across www.909music.com/free-music in a recent email about some 100 free tracks which were really impressive. Upon further exploration i uncovered a big two sided marketplace for music composers and filmmakers with really cheap rates for high quality music for use in perpetuity. Currently I've only used some of the free tracks and they are really good quality.

It seems that music platforms are offering "too good to be true" offers to get in as many video makers and composers as possible so i am not surprised by this yearly subscription deal. I have seen yearly subscription deals in the pasts on other websites.

In fact I also happen to use www.soundsnap.com a lot for sound effects and they have a very high quality sound effects library providing a yearly subscription at a very low cost.

Another one is videoblocks.com and audioblocks.com where I have managed to get a yearly subscription for $99/year with unlimited downloads on their stock footage and audio!

I think this is an amazing time for media producers since they way forward in marketing and communication is video. CISCO predicts that by 2019 80% of internet traffic will come from video and that means we are going to need a lot of bulk background music and sound effects and thats when services like these will come in very very handy.

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