May 29, 2019 at 9:25AM, Edited May 29, 9:26AM


New online NLE with AI - Help wanted

Hey All,

I'm a video editor working for a web dev company and was wondering if anyone would be up for helping me out with some research on our latest product.

It's an online NLE called Kamua (, which uses AI and is designed to make life easier for editors and marketers. I'd just like to know general opinions, and thoughts on whether you would use something like this.

Here's a quick rundown:
The two main features at present are SmartCrop and AutoCut. SmartCrop tracks the subject of the video and will crop to any aspect ratio you want, while keeping the subject in frame. It also allows you to select which subject to track if there are multiple.
AutoCut, automatically cuts videos into their component shots, and displays them all in an easy-to-view way so you can simply select a shot and add it to the timeline.
It also has other features such as trimming and splitting clips, letterbox removal, audio crossfade, playback reversal and speed ramping.

Would love to know people's thoughts on it.

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