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New VFX Training Course for Nodes!

Hey everyone! I've spent the last few months putting together a training course for aspiring and independent filmmakers that teaches you how to do visual effects using free, node based software. For those that don't know, Natron is essentially a clone of Nuke, the industry standard vfx compositing application used on almost every movie that you see. And it happens to be free and open source which means that anyone can now do vfx while learning to composite just like the pros!

The course starts with setting up the software and learning the basics of node based compositing, then we go into some basic vfx, both visible and invisible, that are common with indie filmmakers today. 15 courses, six and a half hours of training, plus demo footage so you can follow along at home.

From now until New Year's Eve, you can get Indie Rebel: VFX for just $29.99, saving $20 off the standard $50, just use HOLIDAY2016 at checkout
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Course Intro
Software Setup
Intro To Nodes
Dealing with Log Footage
Background Birds
Sky Replacement
Gun Shots
Matte Painting
Driving with Greenscreen
Screen Replacement
Rig Removal
Digitally Enhanced Stunts
Basic Workflow
Color Grading Tips
MoGraph Titles
Poster Design (Bonus Course)

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Chris Tempel

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