October 5, 2020 at 6:33AM, Edited October 5, 6:36AM


New YouTube channel provides DIY Tutorials on how to create, film & edit amazing practical effects.

InCamera is a new YouTube channel dedicated to the art of Practical Effects in Filmmaking. Combining modern technology with traditional in-camera SFX techniques to entertain, educate and inspire. InCamera celebrates the artistic, playful and creative nature of the practical approach.

InCamera provide their audience with DIY tutorials on how to create, film and edit mind-blowing practical effects from scratch, including recreating effects from iconic films such as Star Wars, The Thing & Psycho. They will also be posting videos on practical effects basics, to help any aspiring effects artists get to grips with the practical side of things.

There is no other channel like InCamera on Youtube, they focus purely on practical effects and how in a world full of modern technology, you can still produce amazing shots on a tight budget without having to use CGI.

If you're a filmmaker, effects artist, a film fanatic or even just someone who wants to have their jaw dropped by the stunning end results InCamera produce, make sure to give this channel a watch as it is a breathe of fresh air and i'm sure you'll all love it!

There is a few videos live already for your viewing pleasure, just search for 'InCameraTV' on YouTube and you should be able to find it.

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