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New YouTubers?

Just like anyone else watching YouTube videos, as a video editor myself, I was pretty inspired to dabble in the universe that is YouTube. Some say its too late, some say its just the right time.

So I put all that aside and thought it'd be a fun project on my "down time." I started a channel, I made a video, and I put a little bit of money into advertising. 100 views in 24 hrs. Pretty much what I expected to happen.


Im gonna test this out for 6 months.

What does the NoFilmSchool community think of people starting in YouTube? Too late? Just the right time?


I plan to start mine in March. Doing prep work now. I have marketing spreadsheet of weekly content goals for youtube, facebook, instagram, and my own site's blog going into 2020. My goal isn't to make much money with youtube, but rather showcase what I learn as I create my first indie feature. The want is to have more eyeballs on my movie when it's complete. I'm a web developer that has worked closely with marketing teams for the past 10 years. So when I decided to make a movie, I also decided that I wanted people to see it at the same time. This year that planning is being implemented (after 5 years of learning).

Some feedback on the video you just posted/channel (yes, I realize I'm a no one on youtube).
1. Would you be better thinking of your channel as a class? Where you start off simple and build up? You say you're looking for the middle ground, but then talk about future tuts on some simpler topics.
2. You mention vlog separate from tuts each week. But you're combining both in your first video. If i was looking to learn about Presets, I would get frustrated if 1/3 or 1/2 of your video was talking about topics other than the title and be less likely to follow your channel.
3. Production quality: that is a boring white wall you have there. Get rid of the toys near the wall we can't make out and put something visually interesting that we can see in that space? White lights coming off of monitors early on.
4. If you're looking to go beyond the basics.... talk about how multiple editors can share presets when working on a project. or if there's value if you're sending the files to someone to color correct or final edit to have these? Or if I'm upgrading my machine... will the presets come over when I install the program on the new computer.
5. Upload an image to NFS for your account too :)

fyi: i did subscribe. Interested to see your growth over the next 6 months and maybe learn some. Feel free to return the sub. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsqeLGCRtUdLJMDuInUfNiA

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Producer/Writer/Director/Prop Maker

Thank you for the great feedback! Every point you brought up is super valid and definitely something I thought of after the fact. I kind of jumped the gun and just wanted to start doing rather than keep thinking about it.

I appreciate the sub! There is more to come over the weekend.

February 9, 2018 at 11:38AM

Aaron Latimer

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