June 7, 2017 at 6:08AM


NEWS! Shore Scripts announce 2017 Short Film Fund Winner.

Shore Scripts are proud to announce the winner of their 2017 Short Film Fund.

Huge congratulations to Ben Gutteridge, Winner of our 2017 Short Film Fund. Ben will be awarded $9000 to make his winning short screenplay, The Naked Man.

The Naked Man tells the tragic-comic love story of an invisible man, who's hopes of being seen again are reawakened when he meets a fascinating blind girl. Dealing with themes of obsession, loneliness and love, The Naked Man asks the question: without love, are we all invisible?

Ben is an English Writer/Director with a background in Commercials and TV Drama. He lives in Los Angeles and London and works in both English and Spanish.

You can read an Interview with Ben HERE: http://www.shorescripts.com/interview-with-2017s-short-film-fund-winner/

We would again like to say a huge Thank You to our finalists and all those who entered this year's contest. The standard was incredibly high, making this an extremely difficult decision for our team.

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