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One man (dad) rig to use 5Dmkiii with family :)

Being an amateur photographer, buying the 5D mkiii made sense at the time (nice IQ, good ISO, FF) and since already have the glass the video capability made a lot of sense for family vids.
Ive been considering to add a rig for this dual purpose (for me) camera to add stability and more in control focus.
Im considering the following rig:
Zacuto DSLR recoil (its the only follow focus that i found can be used while supporting the camera, remember Im one man)
3rd party (lanparte or other monitor arm)
BM video asssist when it hits the road + the grid 5.0 viewfinder from Brazil
what do you think? Is there any other alternative to the Zacuto angular follow focus?

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Rodrigo, all of the rigs have "gotchas". This starts from your own muscle fatigue, to balance, to how you see the screen, whether you need matte box, etc. Getting a monitor will mean extra cables, extra weight, extra batteries, longer deployment time, and loss of mobility. A rig might not turn out to be what you expect it to be.

My recommendation is to get a very cheap rig and to learn from operating a rig:


Once you have about three shoots with a cheap rig you will know what you need in a rig. And you will be able to make your own decision about what makes sense for you.

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Alex Zakrividoroga

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