June 21, 2018 at 7:23PM


One-Take Sketch - Shot on Zhiyun Crane 2 with Dual Pixel Autofocus

Hey guys,

We shot this sketch in one take on a 6D Mark II and a Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal. I know a lot of people have written off the 6D Mark II, but it's very useful for certain situations (particularly gimbal work in combination with it's Dual Pixel Autofocus). We considered using a C100, but the 6D's size and weight was more suitable for the smaller gimbal. Also the full frame look is a plus. The scene is set at a dark house party, and the camera performed very well under low light (we had a cheap $25 ring light mounted onto the lens).

We used the Canon 24mm L series set to autofocus and it also worked very well. We are pleased with the results. I could have been more precise with my camera work and blocking, but we only had 4 hours to prep the location and get the shot.

Would love to know your thoughts and feedback!


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Incredible. I thought that was pretty epic. Great job.

July 2, 2018 at 12:20PM

Cole Black

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