September 17, 2014 at 8:40AM


Online contests - Share your work and get votes

I'm sure there are lots of us on here who have in the past entered their work into contests requiring Votes and a social media aspect. Let's use this space to build our community and show one another support by posting info and links to any contests our work is entered in.

I'll kick things off with a contest that my comedy webseries is shortlisted for. The prize in this one is for the chance to attend the annual Merging Media conference in Vancouver where creators will have the opportunity to network and pitch with all the major players (Netflix, Hulu etc.)

Here's how to Vote:

1) Visit this link:
2) Navigate through the participating videos and find "Fools For Hire"
3) Click on the video (you don't even have to watch it!) and a "Vote" button appears top left corner (or bottom right on a tablet)
4) Click the Vote button. No sign-up required.
5) Extra points for a share/plug on social media! :)

Check out the other webseries there too. There's some terrific work.

Post your links here so I can return the favor and vote/share/tweet etc. about any contests your work in entered into.

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