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Oscar® Winner Charlie Kaufman: Screenwriting Master Class

I’m just going to say it,

“Charlie Kaufman is one of the greatest screenwriters alive today.”

If you have ever read one of his screenplays or watch a film based on his writing you will see that no one on the planet, other than Charlie Kaufman, can write a Charlie Kaufman screenplay.

Charlie Kaufman in one of modern cinema’s most celebrated screenwriters, his work includes the surreal fantasy Being John Malkovich, the Oscar® winning cerebral sci-fi Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the truly underrated Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and one of my favorites the comedy drama Adaptation.

His perspective on life and storytelling is truly original. How he weaves the complex story lines of his screenplays is breathtaking. So when I discovered this screenwriting master class Charlie Kaufman gave at BAFTA I had to share a rare look inside the head of this master screenwriter.

Check out over 3 hours of master class content from Charlie Kaufman:

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He is one of my favorite filmmakers. Thank you for this!

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Kenneth Merrill

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