January 25, 2020 at 12:31PM


Paid Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) Apprenticeship

ROLE: Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) Apprentice at Picture Block
LEVEL: Entry-level with clearly-defined growth opportunities.
LOCATION: Long Beach, CA (with frequent commutes to the San Fernando Valley)
SALARY: ~36k/yr + Health Insurance + Paid Time Off

Do you have a passion for the nuts and bolts of modern movie making? Are you a "gear head"? Are you excited to experience a new work location and unique challenges every day?

Picture Block is the world's premiere DIT education and technology company.

Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT) are one of the most important members of the team when it comes to creating digital cinema. The DIT is responsible for translating the cinematographer's vision to the most sophisticated equipment on the market and ensures production files get to the project's editors as efficiently as possible.

The DIT Apprentice will support Picture Block's Senior DIT's in:
- Assembling equipment "kits" for forthcoming productions
- Stowing equipment "kits" after completed productions (sometimes very late at night/early morning)
- Inspecting equipment for damage and managing repair orders
- Driving DIT support vehicles to/from set(s)
- Supporting Union Local 600 “ICG”

- Passion for current and emerging camera, computer, and display technology (4k+, VR, Multicam, IMAX, etc)
- Flexible schedule and willingness to work long hours on set, at multiple locations. Weekend availability is a must.
- Interest in the motion picture industry
- Positive attitude
- Extreme attention to detail and organization
- Dependable work ethic
- Personal vehicle

- Production Assistant (PA) experience
- Rental house prep tech experience
- Video engineering interest and/or experience
- Electrical engineering interest and/or experience

Please submit a short summary of your experience in the motion picture industry and what interests you in this position to: jobs@colorspacevan.com

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