December 2, 2015 at 8:24PM

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Pimpin' out the Sony a6000 for video...

Hey there. Just wondering who out there has taken a liking to the a6000 for video, and if so, how have they gone about building their kit around the camera?

I previously used the Canon T2i, and when the Black Friday special came up on the a6000 ($390), I bit the bullet and purchased it. So far, I am not disappointed. The 1080p image is stunning

First question; I am able to get a fairly flat profile using the 'Neutral' with -3 Contrast -1 Saturation & -3 Sharpness. Is this standard practice for this camera, as there is no S-Log option? What are you guys doing in terms of settings to optimise the image?

Question 2: I have also brought a cheap adapter for my Nikon Nikkor AI-S Lenses which is working a treat. However, I also have a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 with a Canon mount which I used on my T2i. What would be an affordable way to adapt that to the Sony mount (not keen on the Speed Booster... not in my budget)? Bearing in mind I'm not worried about auto focus speed, but would need Iris control.

Things I would like to add (what are your opinions):

Battery Grip for extended battery life. The ones on Amazon seem a bit sup-par... Has anyone picked up one that they can recommend?

Some sort of audio solution (happy if it is a mic that provides just nice 'scratch', as I will record separate system audio most of the time as well) But the Sony mics seem overpriced for what they offer.

Some affordable cards that will work well with the XAVC-S codec. I have brought the SanDisk 64GB Extreme UHS-I U3 SDXC, which will work well, but I would love 1 more card that isn't quite as pricey, but would do the job.

Anyway, any other pieces of kit that you recommend I pick up, I would be interested to hear what you all think :)

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There are cheap speed boasters out there for about $100. There are lots of things to buy, but most of us have piles of stuff we don't use. $30 gets you a great shoulder mount like the cowboy studio on and other places. Getting a monitor or loupe? the loupe is about 10% of the cost of the monitor. Are you running and gunning, then going lean and minimal is great, will it always sit on a tripod, then a high end monopod is a good option. The best way to figure out what is best for you is to shoot alot, even non-sense video, if you wished you had a 7" monitor, then get one, consider audio, the irig hack is brilliant, but you may want to mount a Tascam recorder to your rig. Truly, you are the only one to make a good decision for you. What do you want to do with your video rig? Start minimally. If you shoot alot, it will speak in a loud voice to you of your needs. The problem with us posting is that we speak to our own needs and then end up with a room full of crap that is like new condition, but don't use. We all have different needs than you, but speak to our experience for us.

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